Venice to the Alps – The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, Venice to the Alps

Putting the last minute touches to a journey from the coast of the Adriatic to the mountains of Alto-Adige, Brenner Pass, Austria and beyond. This trip should be called ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’. Guests will travel by train, car, horse-drawn carriage and even cable car, during this magical 10 night trip across the Alps. Starting near Venice with private boat trips on the lagoon, then proceeding to Verona, home of the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Then north into the Dolomites for a few days of fresh air and mountain walks. Next it’s the Brenner Pass over the Alps to Innsbruck and Austria’s Tyrol region, before Salzburg, Sound of Music and Munich, capital of Bavaria.

Next departure on this exceptional journey in the footsteps of the Grand Tourists is September, 2024.

La Salute - photo #educatedtraveller

  La Salute, Venice – the dome of the basilica silhouetted against a setting sun. Venice – 2020 #grandtourist

Northern Italy - Relief map - 1906 London (Geo.Philip+Sons)

Northern Italy – relief map – 1906, London

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