Venice – Carnival, Quarantine and Santa Maria Salute

Venice – Over the last few weeks Venice should have been celebrating ‘Carnevale’ or ‘Carnival’ a period of parties and balls and elaborate costumes. This is a very important time for Venetians who stroll through the streets of Venice and enjoy a stroll or ‘passagiata’ around the elegant Piazza San Marco perhaps the most beautiful square in Europe. Napoleon claimed it to be ‘the finest drawing room in Europe’. 

Venice suffered devastating outbreaks of plague throughout the city’s history. The city was the first to develop quarantine islands (lazzaretti) in the lagoon and devised the term ‘quarantine’ from ‘quaranta’ meaning forty in Italian – as the time infectious individuals were held before being allowed into the city. This year there is no ‘carnevale’ because of our own 21st century plague – Covid-19. To read more, visit our Educated Traveller blog


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