Maps – I just love maps

Maps – I just love maps.

When I’m looking at a map I feel as if I am reading it. I am absorbing every piece of information that I can find.

The header map is a new addition to my collection. It is one of my all-time favourites. It was designed by my friend Bek Cruddace.
It’s a fun meander through north-eastern Italy, taking in mountains, lagoons, and countryside in Italy’s lush, green region.
I’ve also mentioned the history of the area. Including the palaces of Venice, the Palladian houses of the Veneto with the superb wines that come from the hills. Especially the Prosecco sparkling white wine of Valdobbiadene. Prosecco is the Veneto region’s gold mine! This map is an invitation to you to travel to this superb region.


Northern Italy – Relief Map – 1906, London

Below is a fabulous Relief Map of Northern Italy printed in 1906 by George Philip & Son, London. The map shows Northern Italy with the Alps in the north and the green pastures of the Italian plains to the south.
It’s a relief map which means that you can see the variations in altitude of the land very easily based on the colours on the map. You can see where the rugged Alps of Central Europe physically divide the continent into two halves. To the north are Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. To the south is the Italian peninsula, Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. The huge meandering basin of the River Po dissects Italy from Milan in the west to the Adriatic in the east. A journey of more than a thousand kilometres. You can imagine vast rivers flowing from the Alps, at the end of the last ice age, creating a huge delta as the river water flooded out into the Adriatic Sea.

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Northern Italy - Relief map - 1906 London (Geo.Philip+Sons)

Northern Italy – relief map – 1906, London (Geo.Philip+Sons).