Discover Istanbul with Grand Tourist


Istanbul is a unique city located on the very edge of Europe, where the Bosphorus waterway separates the continents of Europe and Asia.

Discover Istanbul with Grand Tourist


This unique geographical position spanning two continents, has witnessed numerous civilizations and offers an exceptional range of historical and cultural experiences to the visitor.

Discover Istanbul with Grand Tourist


Istanbul is a unique city located on the very edge of Europe, where the Bosphorus waterway separates the continents of Europe and Asia.


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Discover Istanbul, a unique city located on the edge of Europe. Where the Bosphorus waterway separates Europe and Asia. This unique geographical position spanning two continents has seen several civilizations. It offers an exceptional range of historical and cultural experiences to the visitor. Every corner of the city holds yet another mystery to discover and explore. With the help of Grand Tourist, immerse yourself in Istanbul’s rich history. Experience the fascinating culture, magnificent landscape, and delicious cuisine.


Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Museum

Starting with the Hagia Sophia, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. Once a church, later a mosque and now an important cultural museum open to all.
Later moving on discover the Blue Mosque, one of the finest and largest mosques in Istanbul. See the amazıng intricacies of design and colours. The ceilings emulate the celestial heavens. Finally, it’s time to discover the legends and beautiful mosaics of the Topkapi Palace. The Topkapi Palace was the centre of government for the Ottoman Empire for more than six centuries. A palace of beautiful courtyards and fabulous views over the Bosphorus. The beguiling Hareem chambers where the Sultan’s ladies were pampered and preened. This is a window into the world of the ‘Arabian Nights’.


Gülhane Park and Bazaars

Outside the Topkapi Palace, take a relaxing moment in Gülhane Park. In this bustling city a moment of calm should always be enjoyed. After this peaceful break visit the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and Arasta Bazaar. Indulge your senses with a variety of spices, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. Whilst visiting you can try some traditional dishes featuring Turkish cuisines. Like different types of delights, Simit (Turkish bagel) and delicious Midye dolma (mussel filled with rice). The Bazaars are an amazing place to smell, see and hear the bustling, chaotic world of Turkey and the Turkish people, today, now in the 21st century.


Basilica Cistern

Built by the Romans to secure an adequate drinking water supply for the city of Constantinople. Here you can explore the underground reservoir known as the Basilica Cistern. It is the largest underground water reservoir in the world and dates from the 6th century. If you have watched some of the James Bond movies or read Inferno by the famous novelist Dan Brown, it may seem familiar to you.


Galata Tower – Hopeless Lover

While visiting numerous landmarks you can understand that Istanbul has a rich history dating back thousands of years. This city was the capital of several significant empires including, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. A fabulous panorama of this historical city can be observed from the top of the Galata Tower, a watchtower used to help defend the city. Now it is more famous for numerous legends of love to discover in Istanbul. One of which is that you climb up to the top of the tower with your lover. If you have found true love then fulfil your destiny by taking your partner to the top and enjoy the view! Now that’s a challenge you’ve got to take!


Istiklal Street, Pera neighborhood

After that, you can explore Istiklal Street and the Pera neighborhood – home to the famous Pera Palace Hotel. The Pera Palace Hotel, was built by Wagons-Lits, the French railway company, in the 1890s. Designed so that passengers would have a high-quality hotel to stay in when they travelled by train from Paris through Europe to Istanbul. Agatha Christie was a regular visitor. The Pera Palace was the first hotel in Istanbul to have electric lighting and an electric elevator. This area is also great for discovering the famous passages (arcades) lined with shops. These include, Atlas Pasaji, Halep Pasaji, and Cicek Pasaji.


Dolmabahçe Palace

One of the most spectacular palaces was built on the shores of the Bosphorus waterway. A tidal channel linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. The Dolmabache is a sprawling, majestic palace where every architectural feature can be seen. From Palladian and Baroque, to Rococo and Neoclassical styles.  Discover Istanbul, all these elements mixed with traditional Ottoman architecture create a unique masterpiece. The Dolmabache was home to Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey in the 1920s and early 30s.


Istanbul from the Asian side of the city: Kadıköy, Moda, Üsküdar

Take to the water on the Bosphorus Tour or Traditional Ferry where you can start discovering the Asian side of the city. With lively districts such as Kadıköy, Moda, Üsküdar. From here you can see the superb medieval turret of the Galata Tower. Learn about the legend of love between the Galata Tower and the Maiden’s Tower – to be found on the tiny Bosphorus island of the same name.


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