A Journey in Italy – Trieste Aquileia Venice – April 2024

A journey in Italy – Trieste, Aquileia and Venice

Join me from 14-19 April 2024 for a small group tour starting in Venice and finishing in Trieste. Trieste is Italy’s most north-easterly city (Austrian for 500 years) and still reminiscent of Vienna – then travel across the Veneto region to Italy’s proudest independent republic for 1000 years – I’m talking about Venice of course. A visit to Aquileia, the most extensive archaeological site in Northern Italy, famed for colourful Roman mosaics and an imposing medieval basilica will link these two extraordinary cities…. Full itinerary here: Trieste, Miramare, Aquileia and Venice

When you combine Trieste and Venice you have exceptional history, fascinating art and amazing food and wine. The Friuli wines are just fabulous. Join me for Trieste to Venice – a week of history, art, fun and learning. A week filled with conversation, historical context and new ideas. Why not start here with an article I wrote earlier this year: A brief history of Trieste

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